Month: June 2011

  • PC Show 2011

    The crowds at the PC Show are such that the media are treated to “previews” an hour before the gates open and the hordes start pushing in. Thank you people at Grayling who’ve invited us for the second year running. We got our stuff, “redeemed” our freebies, and fled unscathed. By today, the people manning…

  • The beginnings of Alzheimer’s and the loss of healing

    This morning I took my father to his quarterly cardiologist’s check-up, and while waiting our turn, I spoke to him about what I’d been up to at work – about so-and-so that was his client and now mine who called me asking a favour – and he had some difficulty remembering who I was talking…

  • Pink Reminder

  • Do you have to ask your kids’ permission to use your iPad?

    Like many other parents, we sometimes have difficulty prying our son’s grubby hands off the iPad. Ever since the first version was released, Kai has taken to it like a true iOS native. He now thinks that every screen is a multi-touch screen, and has been seen trying to swipe shopping malls’ electronic directories to…

  • F.A.I.L.

    It’s a new Chinese Channel Eight production about the police force, and whose title is an acronym formed from the words Fortitude, Attitude, Integrity, Loyalty – the hallmarks of that Home Team force which is the subject matter of the production, y’know?