Month: June 2011

  • Online Excellence Reputation Asia Masterclass

    Among the gazillion things I have to do this week, I’ll be attending this event tomorrow and Wednesday, where I hope to learn a couple of things about online reputation – and what to do when you stuff up like when you get interns to do your tweeting and they mix up their tweetdeck accounts…

  • What Kai does when you give him 20 cents

    I guess you could say we’ve taught our son a couple of good things. This was shot at Basement 1 of Paragon. To be fair, if it were at the fifth floor, the money would have gone towards a Barney ride.

  • Karma Burger

    This is no ordinary burger. This is the Karma Burger. It was served and eaten at Casa Verde at the Botanic Gardens on Friday morning. A few weeks before, we had been at Universal Studios Singapore, and had decided to grab dinner before heading back. Kai was already completely exhausted and it took a lot…

  • Taking it in

    There are few things better than to watch Kai, completely impromptu, stretch his arms wide while silently looking at the waves lapping near his feet. Except maybe building sandcastles for him using a plastic cup.

  • Jesus Henry Christ

    We went to a Screen Singapore red carpet screening of ‘Jesus Henry Christ‘, and enjoyed it tremendously. It was a cute, zany, interesting film. And you must watch it if you can, not least because it’s produced by my JC mate Sukee Chew. TTS – Jesus Henry Christ Trailer 1 by virgii_