Online Excellence Reputation Asia Masterclass

Among the gazillion things I have to do this week, I’ll be attending this event tomorrow and Wednesday, where I hope to learn a couple of things about online reputation – and what to do when you stuff up like when you get interns to do your tweeting and they mix up their tweetdeck accounts and say something either really really stupid or something really really clever that wasn’t meant to be read.

Couple of months ago I was laughing with the people at the Yahoo! newsroom about the ST twitter stuff up, and they, rightly so, exercised a lot of restraint, saying that it could very easily have been them that made the boo boo.

So, stay tuned for magic formulae on undoing the un-undoable.

Karma Burger

This is no ordinary burger. This is the Karma Burger. It was served and eaten at Casa Verde at the Botanic Gardens on Friday morning.

A few weeks before, we had been at Universal Studios Singapore, and had decided to grab dinner before heading back. Kai was already completely exhausted and it took a lot of effort to stuff him with food before he fell asleep.

We managed to feed him a fair amount before he fell asleep on Naomi’s shoulder, and the only casualty, it seemed, would have been the second of the one-for-one beer I had ordered, being happy hour and all.

Naomi thought it’d be a good idea to pay it forward, and we saw a lone diner sitting at the bar, and went and told him that his next beer was on us because we had to leave. He was pretty happy at that random act of kindness and thanked us. We said, “enjoy”, and left.

And so, last Friday, when we plonked ourselves at Casa Verde and settled Kai down in his high chair, an American tourist at the next table tapped me on the shoulder and said he had to leave because his tour bus was here, and that he had ordered a burger. He left the numbered placard on our table and said, “enjoy”.