PC Show 2011

The crowds at the PC Show are such that the media are treated to “previews” an hour before the gates open and the hordes start pushing in.

Thank you people at Grayling who’ve invited us for the second year running. We got our stuff, “redeemed” our freebies, and fled unscathed.

By today, the people manning the booths would’ve also been seasoned enough to deal with the questions and purchases, so that should be a big plus if you’ve decided to head down for a bargain.

There’s one thing I really cannot tahan besides the crowds though – and that’s the massive use (and wastage) of paper from printed fliers. You could end up going home with a stack of paper two feet high if you took every flier on offer, or that was pushed into your face.

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One response to “PC Show 2011”

  1. YL Avatar

    it’s just like another Sim Lim square on a weekend. how much paper is wasted on creating those LATEST HOTTEST OFFERS! price lists…

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