I finally feel Singaporean

I queued up to vote this afternoon, and it was, for the first time in a long, long time, a queue that comprised only Singaporeans.

I haven’t been this proud to be Singaporean since we sent four swimmers to the Los Angeles Olympiad in 1984. Oh wait, that was when I was proud to be from ACS.

Yup, it’s been a while.

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10 responses to “I finally feel Singaporean”

  1. bookjtinyisland Avatar

    so true 🙂 ….it’s been awhile for me too….now I am over anxiously waiting for the results. Feels worse than waiting for the O level results back in the 80’s!

  2. Sili Avatar

    And the rallies are not packed with FT like in count down parties..

    1. jason Avatar

      the rallies make me feel like singaporeans again. all singaporeans around me in WP rallies.

  3. anoneh Avatar

    apparently my Burmese neighbor was at the polling station too. The term Singaporean is very vague these days.

    1. Ed Avatar

      Yes. It’s been ‘vague’ since the local chinese and opposition kept silent about the government intending to keep singapore’s racial and cultural balance in favour of the chinese. But then again, being a self-absorbed xenophobic twat, that’s probably lost on you.

  4. Ironfist54 Avatar

    Haha, agree…..Anxiously awaiting result…hopefully a watershed. Fr a fellow acsian.

  5. Ed Avatar

    Hey Miyagi, where’d your ancestors come from? Geylang Serai? Other than the Malays, the rest of us are simply the daughters and sons of ‘old foreign talent’. Two sets of rules on the basis of whom came first. Ever wondered how the Malays felt when the Chinese grew in population, or how they felt when Lee stated that singapore must always have a chinese majority, or when the tudung was banned in schools, or sap schools set up, or discrimination became rife in the media and the economic arena, or, or, or……..

    Why don’t you get you head out of your xenophobic, racist, racially biased arse mate.

    1. Mr Miyagi Avatar

      Hey @330a46e22781ceb9eb038fb4ee649e0c:disqus stop calling me names. I’ll have you know, I was never afraid of Xenos. Not once. Not ever.

    2. sgk Avatar

      Dude, that was totally uncalled for. In no way his post was even remotely xenophobic. He was just recalling the last time he felt proud being a Singaporean.

      When’s the last you feel proud being a Singaporean?

      Stop trolling and baiting for flames, please. Let’s keep it civil.

  6. Thomas Wong Avatar

    Fourty plus and only get to vote twice! Like you it was a special day, but it was like a bad sexual episode where the climax never cum.

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