For your Cooling Off Day enjoyment

Here’s a song by Hossan “Double Confirm” Leong purely for your entertainment:

No Outside Food

We got our laksa and chicken rice
Beef kuay teow very good too
Western food also quite nice
Endorsed by Channel U
So don’t buy your meals from elsewhere
Don’t be so one kind
If you sit down in my food court chair
You will see the sign
Or are you blind?

No outside food
Don’t da bao here and eat
No outside food
You think I dunno is it?
No outside food
Don’t come here and cheat
No outside food
You must buy from here
Then you can sit

Why is our food not good enough
Why must you make my life so hard
Like when you get talents from overseas
Our country’s fishballs kenah squeeze

Ping pong players from China
Nurses from the Philippines
Singapore Girls from Malaysia
You know what that means
There’s nothing from here anymore
Everything is from abroad
Tell me why we put the words for on those big signboards
Guess it takes all sorts

From outside good
We welcome you today
From outside good
But I can’t catch what you say
You from outside good
Gahmen let you stay
Your outside food
If you eat it you still must pay
Your outside food
Just remember
Put back your tray

Words: Benjamin “Mr Miyagi” Lee; Music: Elaine Chan; Performed by: Hossan Leong (c) 2009 Dream Academy Productions Pte Ltd


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