Global Hub For Football Match Fixing

Singapore SportsHub

Jialat man. Our legit brands (apart from SIA) still struggle to make a dent internationally, and this fella stamps his authority globally simply by buying greedy football players and referees! Our Ya Kun Kayas and Crystal Jades mais well give up.

The magnitude of the unfolding match-fixing scandal is mind boggling. English football matches and World Cup qualifiers are being manipulated by a Singaporean fixer, and in such an unthinkably brazen way. The players and referees who are being controlled actually give signals like taking a yellow card at the beginning of a game to show that the match is about to be manipulated.

Neil Humphreys, the author of ‘Match Fixer‘, and who is now surely Singapore’s best selling author ever, alerted me to a Telegraph report that contained transcripts of the conversations between undercover investigators and the Singapore fixer.


“So I talk to them. Double confirm. I also tell them, I tell … this [is] what I want … Because simple, I commit myself and they commit. So you tell me how many goals … Give me at least five … either 3-2, 4-0 or zero, … for me four is enough.”

DOUBLE CONFIRM leh! As Neil put it, he might as well be waving his Singapore passport.

Double Confirm Your Dream Interior

My friend Hossan and I are doing something fun and interesting for Dream Interiors on 28 June at 7pm at 456 River Valley Road, Singapore 248342. Called Double Confirm Your Dream, it features Hossan doing a stand-up comedy set (except because there are chairs in a furniture shop, it’s more like a sit-down comedy performance).

The show is absolutely free, plus there will be champagne and refreshments thrown in. We thought also that since it’s a furniture and interiors shop, what better game to play than musical chairs – with the winner actually going home with a chair from one of the fabulous brands the store carries?

If you’re interested in coming, email me ( with your name and contact number and we’ll put you on the guest list. Space is limited (I was gonna say seats, but then, it’s a furniture shop).

Hope you’ll come and enjoy yourselves!