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Naomi’s mum was hankering for beef stroganoff the other day, and she remembered enjoying a serving of it tremendously at Rochester Park Cafe.

So we went, but unfortunately, the original Rochester Park Cafe is no more, replaced by a business called Seb’s Bistro, which still uses Rochester Park Cafe’s menu covers, but without the items on the menu. More importantly, Seb’s doesn’t serve Beef Stroganoff.

Not much else matters in the world when Naomi’s mum hankers after a dish. Not even when you tell her that beef stroganoff hasn’t been fashionable since the early ’80s, and even then, only in private establishments such as The Tanglin Club.

So please, if you know of anywhere that serves beef stroganoff, let us know.

No, the one they serve at Shashlik isn’t up to scratch.

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4 thoughts on “Search for Stroganoff”

  1. Try the beef stroganoff at Ma Maison, a French-Japanese eatery. It’s like a Japanese omelette rice with a savory brown sauce with tender beef. Quite nice. There are 2 outlets: the original one at Bugis Junction and a second one at The Central. I prefer the one at Bugis Junction, popular with Japanese customers.

  2. The beef stroganoff at Hanamco (run by Charlie of Charlie’s Corner) on Changi Village Road is the best I’ve tried. In fact, it’s the only version I like anywhere in Singapore.

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