How come we didn’t think of doing this before?

We were short of a couple of organic ingredients for a food project Sunday afternoon, and the usual supermarkets didn’t stock them. So we called up a couple of places in the “far north western farming corridor” and drove out.

It only took 25 minutes to get to the first farm, and we got our produce with time to spare for a cup of coffee and a slice of cake at Bollywood Veggies (who even gave us a loaf of banana bread because we were the last customers and it would’ve gone to waste otherwise).

When Kai, and the rest of us, get over this horrid flu, we’re coming back here.

Quan Fa’s little store tucked away in a cargo container
One of many cute signs at Bollywood Veggies
Jackfruit cake
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One response to “How come we didn’t think of doing this before?”

  1. Kara Avatar

    Interesting post, highlighting the bits of green farmery on our city island 🙂

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