Lunch at U-Town
Unused patch of grass – build another foodcourt lah…

There’s this large patch of grass at U-Town, NUS that was today almost completely bare, bar three Ang Moh students playing a sad game of three man touch football.

If this had been on a campus in Australia, the lawn would have been chock full of students lying on it, getting some sun. There would also have been four or five games of different forms of football being played at the same time, with playing areas marked by shoes, slippers or bags.

But this is Singapore, and the only other populated area were the seats under the sheltered alfresco area across from us, where students looked like they were studying.

Just sayin’.

Anyway, it was really good to know that for all the branded-chained restaurants everywhere on campus, there’s one cafe that sells honest, healthy food: Central Park @ U Town.

(And especially for blazing saddle days like today, they carry Popaganda popsicles too!)

Kai tucking into a toasted pita topped with organic roasted veggies, arugula, baby spinach and feta

How come we didn’t think of doing this before?

We were short of a couple of organic ingredients for a food project Sunday afternoon, and the usual supermarkets didn’t stock them. So we called up a couple of places in the “far north western farming corridor” and drove out.

It only took 25 minutes to get to the first farm, and we got our produce with time to spare for a cup of coffee and a slice of cake at Bollywood Veggies (who even gave us a loaf of banana bread because we were the last customers and it would’ve gone to waste otherwise).

When Kai, and the rest of us, get over this horrid flu, we’re coming back here.

Quan Fa's little store tucked away in a cargo container
One of many cute signs at Bollywood Veggies
Jackfruit cake

A solid start

Let's try again...

Today Kai had a lunch of milk mixed with organic brown rice cereal. It was a messy but enthusiastic affair – Mama Naomi fed him from his brand new bowl with his brand new spoon, and for all the horror stories we heard about baby’s first meal, lunch ended with about a quarter of the 75ml of cereal-milk on the table, tray and floor, and more importantly, with smiles all round.

I am sure parents know of the relief of seeing their child take to their first foods well, and to see Kai take to his first “solid” lunch with so much gusto – he lunges at the spoon – is very heartening.

Happy, we has it.