Schools rugby back on the front page

So it seems the Great Padang Riot of 1984 has been matched by an incident of thuggery at the schools’ rugby final.

According to the ST report, a Saint Andrew’s School player punched an ACS (I) player after the final whistle had gone, sparking a melée at the Police Academy (wah, daring ah?) field that involved several dozen schoolboys and teachers.

Thugs, these SAS boys! What on earth were they thinking? But the ACS boys probably provoked their opponents with a bit of smart mouthed sledging. Things like, “Hey, look at the scoreboard. Oh wow, you lost. Geez. Sorry”.

Cos it was like that when I played, and we had players from opposing teams call up their versions of the dreaded Sar Lak Kau, who’d be waiting for us at the bus-stop after the game, to beat us up, only to be sledged again before the cops arrived.

But anyhow, congratulations, boys, for putting school rugby back on the front page! Don’t matter if ACS or SAS won. School sports was the winner on the day!

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3 responses to “Schools rugby back on the front page”

  1. Gary Avatar

    What about the boy who is still in ICU? Any answers from ACS???? Puzzling silence.

  2. Jian Avatar

    But that gives bad rep to rugby, encouraging parents to discourage their children from playing rugby.

  3. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    I agree. Thuggery gives rugby a bad name.

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