You see? You see Your Singapore?

Driving down Orchard Road recently, I noticed banners for “YourSingapore.Com”, and later found that it was the latest iteration of STB’s attempt to brand Singapore.

It looks as if STB took many different ideas from different PR and Ad agencies who pitched to them one form or other of theoretically user-generated content and came up with this web interface that theoretically allows you to pick and choose pieces of what you want to see of Singapore and put them into a nicely self-made packaged tour that fits into three days, two days, six hours or however long you may have found yourself in transit on our fine shores.

What it sounds like is what one frustrated parent says to the other when their child has been exasperating them by misbehaving or making a mess – “You see? You see YOUR son?”

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4 responses to “You see? You see Your Singapore?”

  1. Linus  Avatar

    of course our taglines have to be uniquely singaporean … what alarms me is on the website we have sim lim square, which is literally an invitation for all the tourists to be ketok

  2. Jac Avatar

    I quite like the concept. I think it might take a little too long to load all those little thumbnails on computers with slower internet, but the clicking and dragging of colourful photos is actually very addictive. Feels like they took the tagline and web address from the US, since a lot of US politicians and lobby groups use their slogans as web addresses.

  3. DK Avatar

    I used to hate the tagline “Uniquely Singapore”. But after seeing the new tagline, I'm beginning to love “Uniquely Singapore”.

  4. Shu Yen Avatar

    I like the way so effortlessly shakes off all ownership and responsibility:
    “Look, it's YOUR Singapore now! It's not my business anymore!”

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