You see? You see Your Singapore?

Driving down Orchard Road recently, I noticed banners for “YourSingapore.Com”, and later found that it was the latest iteration of STB’s attempt to brand Singapore.

It looks as if STB took many different ideas from different PR and Ad agencies who pitched to them one form or other of theoretically user-generated content and came up with this web interface that theoretically allows you to pick and choose pieces of what you want to see of Singapore and put them into a nicely self-made packaged tour that fits into three days, two days, six hours or however long you may have found yourself in transit on our fine shores.

What it sounds like is what one frustrated parent says to the other when their child has been exasperating them by misbehaving or making a mess – “You see? You see YOUR son?”

Knick-knacks to impress Hollywood!

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It was really hot yesterday afternoon, but we managed to walk some of the fabric shops on Arab Street, looking for ribbons and other decorations.

And it always strikes me when I’m there, how pretty the area is, and how twee the Tourism Board’s description of it is:

Nothing beats Arab Street for bazaar-style shopping with true ethnic character! Where else can you browse in delightful hole-in-the-wall shops, haggle to your hearts’ content and come away with the most enchanting trinkets and keepsakes at bargain prices?

The goods spill out onto the pavements, anything from baskets, baby cradles and floor mats to serving trays, pith helmets and hanging chairs. Not to mention enough fashion materials and knick-knacks to impress even Hollywood!

LTA reveals Christmas decorations for 2008

Five more ERP gantries go up this morning on Upper Bukit Timah Road, Upper Boon Keng Road, Geylang Bahru, Toa Payoh and Kallang Bahru, and motorists will be cheerfully counting how much money they spend as they commute to work.

Buoyed by the success of it’s ERP gantry planting scheme, the LTA has teamed up with STB to unveil this year’s Orchard Road Christmas decorations. The LTA believes that this year’s decorations, when combined with LTA’s scientifically formulated electronic schemes will also have the benefit of reducing traffic during peak Christmas shopping hours this year.

Said LTA spokesman, Mr Loh Lee Chia, “It’s a wonder why we didn’t think of this earlier. Not only will everyone benefit at Christmas, motorists will even be able to sing ‘Jingle Bells’ to the beat of their IU unit beeping under every gantry-decoration”.

Christmas Decorations 2008