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  • Meme Is Not Teochew For Quickly

    I got into the Facebook Page thing late, but I’m having a bit of fun with pictures and captions. Here’s a collection of what’s been posted since last August. Do go check out the page and ‘like’ it while you’re there, thanks!

  • Overheard at SMU

    Someone alerted me to a Facebook page called “Overheard at SMU“, and apparently, there are similar pages for NUS and NTU. Among the entries posted on that page are gems such as this: If this is true, Student 1 should be tried for sedition.

  • When you’re tired of poking

    Especially for Facebook addicts, here’s a social networking tool for you to wean yourself off the hundreds of Facebook apps and get hooked on it instead. Soapboxxer Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!