Mac the Dog’s visit to the vet

Mac waits for walkies

Mac the Dog’s chronic itchy paw problem may have a solution. Thanks to a tip from our super doggie mommy friend, we visited Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre at Sunset Way, where the vet told us that almost everything Mac’s previous vet told us was bunk.

Mac probably doesn’t have a thyroid imbalance causing skin problems. Nor is he likely to be having hormonal problems caused by food allergies caused by chicken and meats. Nor does he need long term steroid and thyroid medication.

A sigh of relief all round, you might think. But knowing how dogs understand what we say even if they don’t quite speak human, Mac has mixed feelings about yesterday’s visit because the new vet also says that there is no issue with him being neutered because there is no hormonal imbalance, and even if there were, it has nothing to do with his reproductive organs.

Oh well.

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4 responses to “Mac the Dog’s visit to the vet”

  1. Benjamin Lee Avatar

    From Mac the Dog's visit to the vet

  2. Benjamin Lee Avatar

    From Mac the Dog’s visit to the vet

  3. Tabbulous Avatar

    Wait, what's going on with the itchy paw? Is he constantly licking at it? My dogs do that and it turns out, it's allergies. Not to food, per se but like, human allergies when we're in contact with air borne allergens (dust, mold what have you).

    Then again I'm no vet, and while my pups are also terriers, they're not Jack Russells so I'm sure you'll take this with a grain of salt.

    Good luck!

  4. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    Yup, that's exactly what the vet said. Could be a variety of things – like carpet, household detergent, etc. So he got us a chlorhexidine wash and a topical spray to try to break the cycle of chewing and licking first while we sort out the allergens.

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