A first Christmas

Our Christmas tree is finally up, with a mix of home-made and store-bought trimmings. It’s our first Christmas tree because we thought it’d be nice for our new family to have one. The butterflies and snowflakes were be-glittered by Naomi. The pretty bows were tied by Naomi too. Heck, she did everything. I just helped put the lights on.

The cookie bakery is also in full swing, or rather, as much of a full swing as Kai and work will allow it to be. And while Naomi bakes, I’m either at my desk or looking after Kai or looking for windows and glass surfaces to graffiti with the liquid chalk pens which Naomi bought last week.

Well, let’s just say she’s got some idea now about how I first told her that liquid chalk was the devil’s chalk. Once you wield a liquid chalk marker, you have this terrible urge to write, sketch and paint windows. Especially if you are absolutely lacking in the skill to write, sketch and paint. I have a window pane I have decorated with a caricature of Santa Claus (as opposed to a realistic portrayal of Santa Claus) which looks nothing like Santa Claus and more like either the Merchant of Venice or the Jew of Malta.

Oh wait, it is Hanukkah this week isn’t it? OK, I’m telling Naomi I’m not erasing that pane.

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3 responses to “A first Christmas”

  1. Benjamin Lee Avatar

    From miyagi.sg: A first Christmas http://bit.ly/4pwbKN

  2. Benjamin Lee Avatar

    From miyagi.sg: A first Christmas http://bit.ly/517N9e

  3. Justine Avatar

    hi mr miyagi, may I know where Naomi bought the liquid chalk pens from? I can’t seem to get them at Art Friend. Thanks!

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