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Once, during NS, me and two other guys were made the battalion’s flag raising party for one of many early morning parades.

This task entailed picking up the flags from the Regimental Sergeant Major’s office, checking the cords to make sure nothing was frayed, and rehearsing our marching to the flag poles at the top of the parade square, and then doing it for real during the actual parade, complete with raising the national flag and the Army flag.

We were told several times to check and make sure that the loops for the flags were attached properly before raising the flag during the national anthem, and told in no uncertain terms, on pain of pain, that we should never, ever, raise the flag upside down.

To our horror, as the anthem played, the white portion of the national flag appeared to creep up the pole as we hoped against hope that the flag was merely impossibly crumpled and would unfurl itself soon enough.

It didn’t, and it was the longest Majulah Singapura I had ever heard. Our lives flashed before our eyes as we contemplated a long stint in detention, and we felt the ridicule and then the pity heaped on our backs from our battalion mates standing in parade behind us, as we raised the upside down flag the best we knew, and only took it down once the parade was over.

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  • There's a 1.5hr wait at SGH for admission registration and a further, unspecified wait for a bed. Healthcare system #fail #
  • On the other hand, the toilets for the handicapped at SGH are very thoughtfully designed. I take back 1/2 a #fail for the healthcare system #
  • The poor Makcik at SGH urges me to take a milo for myself though my dad doesn't want one. "I make so much already lah, don't waste". OK lah. #
  • RT @stephietan: met a tourist at the hostel, upon knowing i was fr SG, continuously added 'lah' to every sentence he said to me. i want … #
  • Wondering what Bill Clinton said to Kim Jong Il. #
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  • Bill Clinton probably said, "duuuuuude, don't I wish Hilary was a schoolgirl". #
  • Happy Birthday @randalltan #
  • "No no no, it's not Buzz Lightyear that left Temasek" #
  • RT @skinnylatte: Singapore looks beautiful in here. Lol. http://vimeo.com/3026569 #
  • RT @mrbrown: RT @pitchaxistheory: Bruno the movie. R21 in Singapore but still censored. Thanks ah MDA. #
  • So much for the MDA. RT @OfficialNeoJH: @miyagi wa bruno movie R21. then how to watch. when im 17 only. lucky can watch from internet. #
  • 44 Things About Singapore: http://bit.ly/2RcOCV #
  • http://twitpic.com/d0nyo – 'It better work, or else what's the point, right?' #
  • Hua Yu not so cool: FB RT: Benjamin Loh Behind the scenes at NDP : English vodcast use Mac for editing, CHinese one use Windows….. #
  • RT @mashable Twitter Co-Founder: Attacks Continue to Change in Nature and Intensity http://bit.ly/URCGi #
  • ST proofreading #fail RT @khaosworks: The perils of desktop publishing software. http://yfrog.com/emwvhj #
  • More ST #fail RT @khaosworks: Obviously, the Straits Times is trying to be like the Grauniad. http://twitpic.com/d4mvd #
  • RE: It is, isn't it? I especially love the rustic charm of the Budget Terminal. http://disq.us/1ovm #
  • Take back your haze, you friggin' Indonesians! #
  • Good morning and Happy National Day! #ndp #
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  • #ndp RT @PopMyBlackBerry: laughed when I heard a little girl said,"i love singapore because got chicken rice… lol! " #
  • Mediacock broadcast of #ndp09 #fail. Blardy tv commentary talking over stage commentary. #
  • Spent Pledge Moment comforting a wailing Kai who's still cranky because of his shots on Friday. So as to achieve happiness anyway. #ndp09 #

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Article: 44 things you may not know about Singapore

The nation turns 44 this week. That’s an inauspicious number to some, but there’s always a way to turn that around and make it a little more positive. My mother-in-law tells me you could say it’s 4 + 4 = 8, and that, to the superstitious optimist, says something to the effect of “die die also prosperous”.

Prosperous or not, you could also say, “every National Day, die die sure have articles on the number of things about Singapore based on the number of years of independence”.

So, here it is – 44 things about Singapore you may not know about, or didn’t see it that way.

1. We fought independence, and independence won.
If Lee Kuan Yew is to be believed, then we are probably the only country that gained nationhood by not wanting it. Of course, the other founding fellows have been quoted as saying that leaving the Federation (of Malaysia) was the “best thing that ever happened to Singapore”….

Read on at Insing.com

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  • back home after an entire day at the hospital with dad. all's sorta good. #
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