Article: 44 things you may not know about Singapore

The nation turns 44 this week. That’s an inauspicious number to some, but there’s always a way to turn that around and make it a little more positive. My mother-in-law tells me you could say it’s 4 + 4 = 8, and that, to the superstitious optimist, says something to the effect of “die die also prosperous”.

Prosperous or not, you could also say, “every National Day, die die sure have articles on the number of things about Singapore based on the number of years of independence”.

So, here it is – 44 things about Singapore you may not know about, or didn’t see it that way.

1. We fought independence, and independence won.
If Lee Kuan Yew is to be believed, then we are probably the only country that gained nationhood by not wanting it. Of course, the other founding fellows have been quoted as saying that leaving the Federation (of Malaysia) was the “best thing that ever happened to Singapore”….

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  7. Hi, I'm from TP and would like to point out that it's the other way round; it's the melbourne school's human wheel barrow record that we broke last year.

    To date, we still hold the record!=)

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