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  • There's a 1.5hr wait at SGH for admission registration and a further, unspecified wait for a bed. Healthcare system #fail #
  • On the other hand, the toilets for the handicapped at SGH are very thoughtfully designed. I take back 1/2 a #fail for the healthcare system #
  • The poor Makcik at SGH urges me to take a milo for myself though my dad doesn't want one. "I make so much already lah, don't waste". OK lah. #
  • RT @stephietan: met a tourist at the hostel, upon knowing i was fr SG, continuously added 'lah' to every sentence he said to me. i want … #
  • Wondering what Bill Clinton said to Kim Jong Il. #
  • is ripping into #
  • oops #
  • Is ripping into 'The Hossan Leong Show' http://bit.ly/tV9ne #
  • Bill Clinton probably said, "duuuuuude, don't I wish Hilary was a schoolgirl". #
  • Happy Birthday @randalltan #
  • "No no no, it's not Buzz Lightyear that left Temasek" #
  • RT @skinnylatte: Singapore looks beautiful in here. Lol. http://vimeo.com/3026569 #
  • RT @mrbrown: RT @pitchaxistheory: Bruno the movie. R21 in Singapore but still censored. Thanks ah MDA. #
  • So much for the MDA. RT @OfficialNeoJH: @miyagi wa bruno movie R21. then how to watch. when im 17 only. lucky can watch from internet. #
  • 44 Things About Singapore: http://bit.ly/2RcOCV #
  • http://twitpic.com/d0nyo – 'It better work, or else what's the point, right?' #
  • Hua Yu not so cool: FB RT: Benjamin Loh Behind the scenes at NDP : English vodcast use Mac for editing, CHinese one use Windows….. #
  • RT @mashable Twitter Co-Founder: Attacks Continue to Change in Nature and Intensity http://bit.ly/URCGi #
  • ST proofreading #fail RT @khaosworks: The perils of desktop publishing software. http://yfrog.com/emwvhj #
  • More ST #fail RT @khaosworks: Obviously, the Straits Times is trying to be like the Grauniad. http://twitpic.com/d4mvd #
  • RE: It is, isn't it? I especially love the rustic charm of the Budget Terminal. http://disq.us/1ovm #
  • Take back your haze, you friggin' Indonesians! #
  • Good morning and Happy National Day! #ndp #
  • Living with The Infidels: Preview http://bit.ly/F8UGy #
  • Who'd volunteer to go to prison? http://skitch.com/t/igi #
  • "Singapore's Largest and Most Vibrant Youth Movement" has 56 followers http://skitch.com/t/ig2 #
  • #ndp RT @PopMyBlackBerry: laughed when I heard a little girl said,"i love singapore because got chicken rice… lol! " #
  • Mediacock broadcast of #ndp09 #fail. Blardy tv commentary talking over stage commentary. #
  • Spent Pledge Moment comforting a wailing Kai who's still cranky because of his shots on Friday. So as to achieve happiness anyway. #ndp09 #

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