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  • Is looking forward to lunch with Bob Blumer #
  • Bob Blumer's hair is not as big as I remember. #
  • The bus driver is taking the longest route possible to get to the first stop. Bob's telling us about limes and lemons. #
  • Bob Blumer is making popiah skin. His version is a bit thicker. And less round. There is some on his shirt. #
  • Bob Blumer would pay $10 for a popiah. Ang Mo always push prices up. #
  • We're with @bobblumer at a restaurant called Old Mother Hen. It is in Geylang. They will fry pig's fallopian tubes for us. #
  • Fallopian tubes are really quite yum. #
  • We might not have time for @bobblumer to arbitrate on Original Katong Laksa. #
  • That was the best bak chor mee! #
  • Bob Blumer Makan Tour photos: #
  • Yes, Celest Chong, self-promotion is best promotion. #
  • 40 years ago today, my mum considers naming me "Apollo", not Neil, or Armstrong or Eagle. But luckily not 'Lunar' either. #
  • Naomi offered to buy four Ben10 Birthday Cakes – become Ben40! #
  • From 40 and a day #
  • For the cunning beauty: #
  • From Wanted: Diaper Ninja Warrior #
  • RT @patlaw: OMG! Yasmin Ahmad suffered stroke! I hope she'll be fine…. (via @jayleif) this is heartbreaking.. #
  • Thank you #
  • Thank you #kiehls #
  • From Stupid condo name #1: The Gale #
  • Slow news day: You catch our terrorist, we catch your snatch thief: #
  • RT @metacole: RT @Xiaxue Here's ONE advice which I think is VERY, VERY impt. If u want people to read u, a paragraph should NEVER be lon … #
  • Waitress at Canelé doesn't know what a double latté is. For this type of prices, #fail #
  • – The hot food's pretty impressive though. #
  • On second thoughts, Naomi's crepes not so good. So, not quite the Bakerzin killer, this place. #
  • – Because there are other kinds of boiling water. #
  • Vale, Yasmin Ahmad #
  • Playing with Kai, eating breakfast and tweeting – simultaneously. This is Sunday morning. It is Sunday, right? #
  • Recharge your kids! #
  • – Househunting is fraught with bad sentences. #
  • RE: Found the condo they were trying to beat: #

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Wanted: Diaper Ninja Warrior

A full night’s sleep still eludes us as Kai still manages to stir for a night feed at least once in the night.

And by stir, I mean he cries loud enough to wake the neighbours. Doing things while sleep drunk should by now have been second nature to us, but second nature it isn’t, and it is still a challenge to keep our wits about us as we carry him from his cot, or when we find that he needs a diaper change.

I’m already a clumsy fella when I’m awake, so it’s necessary to snap myself into full baby care mode to make sure Kai’s transported, cleaned and changed without too much fuss or discomfort to him.

One thing that I’ve learned over the past couple of months is that in a flash, just like that, one nanosecond of a lapse of concentration, and you will get baby poop everywhere. Your shirt, your pants, your hands, your feet, the carpet, the wall. And when you finally manage to extract the very soiled diaper from the squirming baby, you make a new poop trail on the same places.

Worse, when once you had a baby with a full diaper, you now have one with poop all over his buttocks, legs and, oh no! Howdahelldiditgetontohishandsohnodon’ttouchyourfacewithit!

This diaper changing business is an exercise in concentration and focus. You and your carpet and whatever fabric you have in your home cannot afford to be complacent. I’ll be putting up posters to exhort myself not to slacken. It’ll be like those you see for Total Defence or national service or Dengue:

“Every second counts. Don’t let poop take over your nursery”

“The soil on my face is poop. My baby’s poop”.

“Poopy room. It is your fight.”

“He who hesitates is lost and has poop all over”

40 and a day

The Gado Gado is still Good Good

I was hoping to ease into my 40s, with no fanfare and no celebration, just a little acknowledgement that I’m heading towards new frontiers.

So it was good that the day was spent with my wife and son, with a hearty meal at Sanur that was just as good as it was back when my mum and dad used to bring us to eat after Sunday School.

Then we explored the new mall, Orchard Central and found a Gelaré, and found that it was Tuesday, which meant that all waffles were half price, which meant that I had everything I wanted for my birthday.

Weekly Tweets

  • From Weekly Tweets #
  • RT @mrbrown: David Letterman: Top Ten Things That Sound Cool When Spoken By A Giant Robot #
  • FB RT: IZ Reloaded Malaysia's Health Minister blames men who wear tight pants for the lack of babies in the country.
  • RT @dsng: Received an ad in my e-mail for F. Dick knives. Crossed my legs instinctively in response. #
  • I read "3 more periods of Clit" RT @geraldinexoxo: 3 more periods of cl lit. 2 more hours. #
  • Which is the original Katong Laksa, please someone tell me. #
  • RT @ABC: U.K. Govt Encourages Teen Masturbation: A leaflet that advises an 'orgasm a day' to prevent pregnancy stirs debate. http://tiny#
  • RT @GenkiGenki: Steven Lim's tribute to MJ (wait for the singing) (via @iammyy @furrychan) #
  • RT @mrbrown: Mother horrified by profanities in NS life. Wait till she finds out her sons are trained to kill people. #
  • Dear newspaper, "twittering" is what YOU do, "Tweeting" is what the rest of us do. #

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