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  • RT @mrbrown: David Letterman: Top Ten Things That Sound Cool When Spoken By A Giant Robot #
  • FB RT: IZ Reloaded Malaysia's Health Minister blames men who wear tight pants for the lack of babies in the country.
  • RT @dsng: Received an ad in my e-mail for F. Dick knives. Crossed my legs instinctively in response. #
  • I read "3 more periods of Clit" RT @geraldinexoxo: 3 more periods of cl lit. 2 more hours. #
  • Which is the original Katong Laksa, please someone tell me. #
  • RT @ABC: U.K. Govt Encourages Teen Masturbation: A leaflet that advises an 'orgasm a day' to prevent pregnancy stirs debate. http://tiny#
  • RT @GenkiGenki: Steven Lim's tribute to MJ (wait for the singing) (via @iammyy @furrychan) #
  • RT @mrbrown: Mother horrified by profanities in NS life. Wait till she finds out her sons are trained to kill people. #
  • Dear newspaper, "twittering" is what YOU do, "Tweeting" is what the rest of us do. #

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