Weekly Tweets

  • From miyagi.sg: Weekly Tweets http://bit.ly/vcwDq #
  • Is looking forward to lunch with Bob Blumer #
  • Bob Blumer's hair is not as big as I remember. #
  • The bus driver is taking the longest route possible to get to the first stop. Bob's telling us about limes and lemons. #
  • Bob Blumer is making popiah skin. His version is a bit thicker. And less round. There is some on his shirt. #
  • Bob Blumer would pay $10 for a popiah. Ang Mo always push prices up. #
  • We're with @bobblumer at a restaurant called Old Mother Hen. It is in Geylang. They will fry pig's fallopian tubes for us. #
  • Fallopian tubes are really quite yum. #
  • We might not have time for @bobblumer to arbitrate on Original Katong Laksa. #
  • That was the best bak chor mee! #
  • Bob Blumer Makan Tour photos: http://bit.ly/Q0afZ #
  • Yes, Celest Chong, self-promotion is best promotion. http://skitch.com/t/wuj #
  • 40 years ago today, my mum considers naming me "Apollo", not Neil, or Armstrong or Eagle. But luckily not 'Lunar' either. #
  • Naomi offered to buy four Ben10 Birthday Cakes – become Ben40! #
  • From miyagi.sg: 40 and a day http://bit.ly/iLtUF #
  • For the cunning beauty: http://bit.ly/DEPOs #
  • From miyagi.sg: Wanted: Diaper Ninja Warrior http://bit.ly/10zWJT #
  • RT @patlaw: OMG! Yasmin Ahmad suffered stroke! I hope she'll be fine…. http://tr.im/tEOU (via @jayleif) this is heartbreaking.. #
  • Thank you http://bit.ly/19tZuw #
  • Thank you #kiehls http://bit.ly/19tZuw #
  • From miyagi.sg: Stupid condo name #1: The Gale http://bit.ly/46pUw #
  • Slow news day: You catch our terrorist, we catch your snatch thief: http://bit.ly/AezKi #
  • RT @metacole: RT @Xiaxue Here's ONE advice which I think is VERY, VERY impt. If u want people to read u, a paragraph should NEVER be lon … #
  • Waitress at Canelé doesn't know what a double latté is. For this type of prices, #fail #
  • http://twitpic.com/bjjti – The hot food's pretty impressive though. #
  • On second thoughts, Naomi's crepes not so good. So, not quite the Bakerzin killer, this place. #
  • http://twitpic.com/bjue7 – Because there are other kinds of boiling water. #
  • Vale, Yasmin Ahmad #
  • Playing with Kai, eating breakfast and tweeting – simultaneously. This is Sunday morning. It is Sunday, right? #
  • Recharge your kids! http://bit.ly/qCA73 #
  • http://twitpic.com/booam – Househunting is fraught with bad sentences. #
  • RE: Found the condo they were trying to beat: http://bit.ly/WY44S
    http://disq.us/1by3 #

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    From miyagi.sg: Weekly Tweets http://bit.ly/45LYwV

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