Market sentiments

How about the lovely blue skies we’ve been having lately?

I don’t care if it’s just me liking the idea of spending Saturday morning shopping at the market for my family. The confinement nanny has been making me go to the market to shop for ingredients to make confinement food with.

Being a supermarket (read: cannot converse in Mandarin) kinda guy, it’s taken 3 visits to iron out the wrong purchases – like mistakenly asking for the kampong chicken to be chopped into so many pieces it might as well have been ground – and I’m starting to enjoy the market and the nonsense banter the stall holders engage in with their customers.

“Wah, today so early ah?” is a common line (even though I’ve never been later than today), as is “how much pork bones you want today?”, as if you’ve always bought pork bones.

Then there is also one Vegetable Stall Auntie who tells me everything I want is expensive, and asks if I really want to buy them. So considerate. So confusing.

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