Reason to try to smile

My father doesn’t smile very often these days. It takes an effort because Parkinson’s makes control of your muscles, including the facial ones, difficult, and the sufferer becomes withdrawn and unsocial because of his inability to interact in the ways we normally do.

Conversation is also a strain because of the difficulty in controlling the vocal cords, and talking to him is mainly just that – talking to him. The engaging wit and ticking mind just stays in there somewhere, masked by Parkinsons’ stiffness.

Except last night when I said to him that I don’t care if he’s uncomfortable, because he’s got to be at the hospital next month to welcome his first paternal grandson:

His face contorted into the biggest smile I’ve seen him smile in years, and he said in a voice quavering either from Parkinson’s or from emotion, “Of course I will be there. I will be there waiting with you”.

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7 responses to “Reason to try to smile”

  1. Benjamin Lee Avatar

    From Reason to try to smile

  2. Tan Ah Beng Avatar

    Grandparents will always do anything for their grandchild… to them, its a real gift from god!

  3. The Dude Avatar

    I think the new grandson will make a huge difference to his health and state of mind. God bless.

  4. felicia Avatar

    that really warmed my heart. congratulations once again!

  5. Ilane Avatar

    tears sprang to my eyes.

  6. Jill Avatar

    That's undeniably beautiful… Now I miss my dad.

  7. Jill Avatar

    That's undeniably beautiful… Now I miss my dad.

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