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  • RT @gssq: Me: “Ignorance is bliss but knowledge is power”; “i heard guys like ignorant girls, and girls like powerful guys” #
  • is feeling a little anxious now. #
  • Blog about why you wanna be a pilot: #
  • going thru script again. #
  • Adri survives Yemen: #
  • Looking forward to full run rehearsal with Kumar + crew today #
  • The full Glen Goei interview: #
  • Newton prawns $30 ea: #
  • RT @mrbrown: RT @jinnpod: I absolutely do not agree that the new Facebook homepage is like Twitter. Twitter does not show me who took wh … #
  • busy day: jap embassy docs, pet food, nursery furn., possible haircut, groceries, script, rehearsal. #
  • Varta long day. Finally home. #
  • It’s opening night! #
  • RT @jinnpod: Winning names for Singapore F1 Marina Bay Circuit (Singapore Sling? You gotta be kidding me.) #
  • Flyer breakdown was rehearsal: #
  • We have an acting president? Who’s J.Y. Pillay? #
  • OK, our reserves are safe. RT @khaosworks: @miyagi This guy? #
  • RT @tinkertailor: kumar insulted ho ching during his show. siao liao. #
  • The President & The Constitution – Debate Continues: #
  • Damn these china girls: #
  • RT @patlaw: RT @SharonFoong: Lesbian attacks wife with sperm #
  • Woman mistaken for monkey: #
  • And now for the next production! #
  • From Kumar: Stripped Bare – big shout out #

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Weekly Tweets

  • From Weekly Tweets #
  • Changing Australian English: #
  • SG firms get tweeting: #
  • RT @mrbrown: Shaving companies, I don’t mind 5 blades or 4 blades if it means a closer shave but I’m not paying for the sideburn trimmer … #
  • RT @kormmandos: You’re no one if you’re not on Twitter: RT @mrbrown #
  • Personally, I think lousy teachers “interfere with the learning of Mandarin and English”: #
  • From Pregnancy brains #
  • going to bed. exhausted from heat and traffic. #
  • very happy it only took 5 days for mail order stuff to arrive from NZ and Aust. #
  • RT @kazitoshi: Chuck Norris destroyed the periodic table, because Chuck Norris only recognizes the element of surprise. Happy bday to th … #
  • RT @mmelv: @miyagi the best i heard was this – There is no ctrl button on chuck norris’ keyboard-chuck norris is always in control! #
  • RT @mrbrown: Proof that STOMPers have IQ of a peanut: STOMPer asks “Is Gay World Hotel name legal?” *facepalm* #
  • RT @nytimes: Google Co-Founder Backs Vast Parkinson’s Study #
  • the weather, she is too hot. #
  • From Kumar Tix going fast – get yours here for free #
  • Abbas Saad to return? #
  • I hope it’s not going to be another hot day. #
  • RT @patlaw: RT: @guykawasaki Despicable “Corrective Rape” Practice Used to “Cure” Lesbians in South Africa #
  • Flies across Australia just to train: #
  • Hmmm: #
  • Kumar Stripped Bare: Lots of tix available for matinee on 21 March #
  • SAF serviceman dies during 2.4km run: #
  • Bangkok Jam is surprisingly good for a mall eatery. #
  • RT @sm7catscan: kudos to Harvey Norman for listing promos on their site. Best Denki = Fail. #
  • Yay, finally someone won the tix for Kumar’s show! #
  • My friend Sukee to produce “Jesus Henry Christ”: #
  • From We have a weener! #

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Kumar Tix going fast – get yours here for free


The people at Dream Academy tell me that tickets for Kumar’s show are selling out, and that there are only single seats left for some categories.

So I’ll remind you all that there are two tickets here for seats next to each other, for the first person to correctly guess Kumar’s vocation in NS.

(Hints: 1. Vocation, not unit or formation or arm. 2. He was in the Army. 3. He was PES A/B).

Pregnancy brains

Day & Zol

No, I’m not talking about Naomi and her pregnancy hormone induced faux pas. Because even if I did and she read it here, she would have killed me so it wouldn’t be funny anymore.

It’s the waiting staff at restaurants in Singapore. They keep asking if Naomi (who is now 8 months pregnant) would like a glass of wine to go with her dinner.

Right up till last week at Pasta Fresca, where what looked like the captain or lead waiter asked if she’d like a beer, right after he asked if we’d like to sit in the smoking section, which I thought had been completely outlawed since January.

I hope this is limited to the F&B business. I don’t think I’d like real estate agents selling us houses under power lines.