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  • RT @gssq: Me: “Ignorance is bliss but knowledge is power”; “i heard guys like ignorant girls, and girls like powerful guys” #
  • is feeling a little anxious now. #
  • Blog about why you wanna be a pilot: http://ping.fm/RU2fm #
  • going thru script again. #
  • Adri survives Yemen: http://ping.fm/joiur #
  • Looking forward to full run rehearsal with Kumar + crew today #
  • The full Glen Goei interview: http://ping.fm/xnLHX #
  • Newton prawns $30 ea: http://ping.fm/vqLu8 #
  • RT @mrbrown: RT @jinnpod: I absolutely do not agree that the new Facebook homepage is like Twitter. Twitter does not show me who took wh … #
  • busy day: jap embassy docs, pet food, nursery furn., possible haircut, groceries, script, rehearsal. #
  • Varta long day. Finally home. #
  • It’s opening night! #
  • RT @jinnpod: Winning names for Singapore F1 Marina Bay Circuit http://bit.ly/2P3f5r (Singapore Sling? You gotta be kidding me.) #
  • Flyer breakdown was rehearsal: http://ping.fm/InfF4 #
  • We have an acting president? Who’s J.Y. Pillay? http://ping.fm/6s2aq #
  • OK, our reserves are safe. RT @khaosworks: @miyagi This guy? http://tinyurl.com/cut33d #
  • RT @tinkertailor: kumar insulted ho ching during his show. siao liao. #
  • The President & The Constitution – Debate Continues: http://ping.fm/XT6sr #
  • Damn these china girls: http://ping.fm/NRYrg #
  • RT @patlaw: RT @SharonFoong: Lesbian attacks wife with sperm http://tinyurl.com/cb9rbk #
  • Woman mistaken for monkey: http://ping.fm/vVVKg #
  • And now for the next production! #
  • From miyagi.sg: Kumar: Stripped Bare – big shout out http://tinyurl.com/daaeh6 #

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