No, my ingterneck didn’t essprode

Signal too strong!

I feel I have to say something about the Starhub Maxonline technical problem I twittered yesterday about the ‘signal being too strong’.

Apparently, there is a optimum range for the transmission signal strength, and for some reason, the signal coming in to our apartment had gone beyond that. And the guy thought that was causing my modem to fail.

So, they sent a very patient (he tried to explain everything) tech contractor over the next morning to fix the problem, which involves putting a dongle thing in the cable connecting the modem to the cable point. I was told this thing slows down the signal.

So it did slow down the signal, and everything worked ok for the next fifteen minutes before my modem reset itself again.

Turns out it was the modem, like I suspected all along.

Thing is, the modem was past its warranty, and these days, Starhub makes you pay for your modem if you don’t sign up on a 2 year contract.

So, the ingterneck didn’t essprode, but my wallet got lighter by $100. Sianz.

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