#CardboardConstable Origins

In case you didn’t know, #CardboardConstable was commissioned in November 2013, and  mrbrown and myself started Instagramming his deployment locations last year.

If you, like us, find the recent crime prevention video with the mass dance damn jialat, here’s a list of #CardboardConstable sightings on Instagram for you to enjoy instead.

This picture’s my favourite so far:

My heart is filled with so much love for this gorgeous…….. piece of cardboard………. ????????

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This site is not SafeSurf safe

Someone tweeted yesterday afternoon that Starhub’s SafeSurf apparently blocks this site from curious young eyes.

The SafeSurf FAQ goes on to describe the service as “a “filtering” service that blocks out undesirable websites on the Internet.” OK, I can understand why some people dislike this blog, but to block a generation of minors (whose parents pay $2.50 per month for this VAS) from enjoying my occasional outbursts of profanity? I mean, come on, do you see any nude pictures on this site? Huh? Huh? Huh?

The Online Citizen gets Cassetted, but I get SafeSurfed. FML.

Worse still, I’m a Starhub Broadband (and cable and telephone) customer. WTH?

(@starhubcares has informed me that they’re looking into it – updates when available).

Update: @starhubcares tells me they’ve taken it off the banned wagon. Kids can now get here.

No, my ingterneck didn’t essprode

Signal too strong!

I feel I have to say something about the Starhub Maxonline technical problem I twittered yesterday about the ‘signal being too strong’.

Apparently, there is a optimum range for the transmission signal strength, and for some reason, the signal coming in to our apartment had gone beyond that. And the guy thought that was causing my modem to fail.

So, they sent a very patient (he tried to explain everything) tech contractor over the next morning to fix the problem, which involves putting a dongle thing in the cable connecting the modem to the cable point. I was told this thing slows down the signal.

So it did slow down the signal, and everything worked ok for the next fifteen minutes before my modem reset itself again.

Turns out it was the modem, like I suspected all along.

Thing is, the modem was past its warranty, and these days, Starhub makes you pay for your modem if you don’t sign up on a 2 year contract.

So, the ingterneck didn’t essprode, but my wallet got lighter by $100. Sianz.

Million Blog List

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Lancerlord emailed to ask me to list this blog in the Million Blog List. It’s an experiment to see how long it would take to list 1 million blogs, given that it is said that there are 70 million blogs worldwide.

So, if you have a blog, list it there. This blog is listed at #145.

Pass it on.