There may be smelly, don’t worry, it’s ok

EuropAce Slow Cooker Instructions

We’ve been eating at home a lot lately, and when I say I cook up a storm, I’m mostly referring to the debris that has to be cleaned up in the kitchen afterward.

Naomi and I have inherited quite a few appliances from our parents’ kitchens – toasters, juicers, steamers – some of which have never been used, and one of which I opened up to see if I could make stew with.

EuropAce Slow Cooker InstructionsThe appliance is called the EuropAce Slow Cooker, and I’ve never seen the need for a slow cooker because I usually make stews on the stove top in a conventional pot, simmering for maybe five or six hours, and as far as I know, the Slow Cooker does the same thing, only electrically, with several different settings.

Apparently, you don’t have to watch the slow cooker because it’s less likely to burn your food if you go out shopping and forget about your cooking and take in a movie instead.

So I read the instructions in the 3 page manual, chuckled a little, and got really alarmed when I read the part which said:

“When first time use, there may be smelly, it’ll last a few minutes. Don’t worry, it’s ok”.

So I put the whole thing back in the box, including the “inner pot”, which is “made from high quality ceramics or white clay, which contains many elements for human body needs”, because I don’t have the means to grind it up and eat it.

Stew was finally made using a large conventional WMF pot we bought at the last Robinson’s sale.

EuropAce Slow Cooker Instructions

EuropAce Slow Cooker Instructions

EuropAce Slow Cooker Instructions

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