Inappropriate place for a nap

When your kids survive school buses without seat belts, they can then grow up to sit at the back of trucks, unsecured, and be lulled by the sounds of ERP regulated traffic into a nice nap:

Inappropriate place and time for a nap

@ Jcn of Bukit Timah & Cavanagh Roads.

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8 thoughts on “Inappropriate place for a nap”

  1. for the love of god miyagi.

    i can so picture you're the first person in the crowd to whip out your all in 1 handphone to snap a picture when something happens just to blog about it.

    we have more than enough people like you in singapore.

  2. Tsem Rinpoche, 41, embodies this balance himself, and is willing to try unconventional methods of reaching out and appealing to people, especially the younger generation.

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