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  • Enough With The Nostalgic Videos Already

    I watched the LTA Bus Story Virulent Video and disliked it very much. I’ve had it with these nostalgia exploiting commissioned stories. But let me tell you my memory of buses from when I was a child.

  • Don’t Be A WTF Wendy

    So I saw this poster at Orchard MRT station: And I thought it was a great campaign to make people more aware of their behaviour on public transport. There’s even a “Stand-Up Stacey”, exhorting people to er… stand up when they’re supposed to, I suppose. But then, this LTA campaign should also include negatives, and…

  • Inappropriate place for a nap

    When your kids survive school buses without seat belts, they can then grow up to sit at the back of trucks, unsecured, and be lulled by the sounds of ERP regulated traffic into a nice nap: @ Jcn of Bukit Timah & Cavanagh Roads.

  • Oh wait, I forget, this is Singapore

    “The Singapore School Transport Association reiterated on Saturday that making seat belts mandatory on school buses will reduce their seating capacity.” Not making them mandatory will also reduce the number of kids taking school buses because they get hurt and killed. Idiots. Wait, there’s more: ” ‘Implementation is likely to take longer. We need to…

  • Intelligent road stud will teach you to cross the road safely

    “This, prescription is how you stop a car” – Photo by w stosime OzLady rejoiced when she read that the LTA “will be implementing new intelligent road studs at selected junctions… to enhance the safety of pedestrians…”