Cosplay steak restaurant

“But sir, you’ve already got such a big piece of meat!” – Photo by bnittoli

The Japanese love their cows. So they massage them, feed them beer and sake, call them Wagyu and then slaughter and eat them.

I’m not sure where the Wagyu we have at restaurants here are from, but they are pretty tasty when done nicely, and it’s the same at the Angus Steak House Not To Be Confused With The Black Angus Steakhouse Which Is Run By This Dude Who Likes “Classic, Disco, Hip Hop, R&B“.

Cosplay Steak House

I haven’t dined at the local Black Angus franchises, but the one thing that Angus Steak House has over her black cousin is the waiting staff’s uniform – I can’t help but think that the waitresses look slightly ridiculous in their black and white maids’ costumes, and it seems that only the junior staff get to wear these togs. The older ones and the ones that bring you the menu, bill and answer the difficult questions (such as “can we change the sauces for the different steaks?” and “what’s a ‘Japanese Sauce’ made from?”) get to wear a more sober shirt and red bow tie.

These days, junior wait staff everywhere are usually of the Mainland Chinese variety, so, at the Angus Steak House, you get young, sometimes bespectacled Chinese girls who speak heavily accented Chinglish and understand very little, if any, heavily accented Singlish, dressed as if for a Cosplay convention.

Cosplay Steak House

That apart, service is efficient, and within five minutes of ordering your special set meal, any one of the number of Cosplay waitresses will place your starters, a very tasty bread bun and the appropriate cutlery on your placemat, and ensure that your glasses of water are refilled.

The steaks are generally good, and I haven’t had a bad meal there in 3 outings, but apart from the costumes, it really is nothing fancy. Having said that, however, if you happen to be shopping on a Friday night (out of necessity), and you’re fed up with the queues at every other restaurant in Ngee Ann City at 8.30pm, you might want to pop in to this place on the fourth floor of Takashimaya because you’re very likely to get a table.

Oh, and here’s a more useful review.

Angus Steak House

391 Orchard Road

#04-25, Takashimaya Shopping Centre

Ngee Ann City

Singapore 238872

Tel: 67356015

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5 responses to “Cosplay steak restaurant”

  1. A-n-g-e Avatar

    My husband and I like going there for the wagyu. It's not one of your fancy steakhouses but at least the quality's pretty consistent. =)

  2. A-n-g-e Avatar

    My husband and I like going there for the wagyu. It's not one of your fancy steakhouses but at least the quality's pretty consistent. =)

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  4.  Avatar

    I haven’t had Wagyu in a very long time, I would love to try this. I have been to several restaurants in San Francisco offering Japanese dishes which I really enjoyed. I’m even thinking about making Japan my next holiday destination.

  5. F_fiona87 Avatar

    i wan to interview then can?

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