When policemen still wore shorts

Tiffany lamp being taken apart

“Wah, you must have bought this when policemen still wore shorts”, said the lady at the lighting shop as she asked for my permission to dismantle some more of the tiffany lamp I brought in for her to fix.

As took the base off, the debris from inside the lamp fell out and dirtied her table, and I felt bad, until she told me it would cost around $100 to fix up the lamp and bring it into the 21st century.

I’m not complaining too much, because it’s a really nice lamp my mother bought in San Francisco in 1979 or 1980, and it hasn’t worked properly since. (Probably because we didn’t know the difference between AC and DC, and we probably melted the fuse or something).

And this lady’s shop was only like the seventh or eighth I walked into on Balestier Road, and the only one whose occupants didn’t say, “No, we don’t do repair. Only sell. Try other shop. Sorry”.

Then again, it was quite likely she knew how to fix this lamp, because her shop had several similar lamps, although she said, “Those different. All from China, not brass one”.

The lamp and some other stuff in the house should be ready by end of next week. Yay!

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10 responses to “When policemen still wore shorts”

  1. service staff actually display any bit of pride and love in their work, we’re impressed to the point of wanting to blog about them.  That’s not to say that Jenny of Silic Lighting Centre merely has a modicum of pride and love in her work. As Iblogged previously, hers was the only shop along Balestier Road (aka Lighting Avenue) whose occupants even entertained the idea of trying to fix my mother’s old Tiffany lamp.  Some time last week, Jenny called to tell me that she found some parts that would fit the

  2. piakpiak Avatar

    yup, i serious think that they will mod your lamp to be exactly like those use in the Chinese praying altars, hehehe

  3. lincoln Avatar

    If the lamp was bought in the states, then it would probably be a 110v and you would have fried the fused with Singapore's 230v. Don't think it had anything to do with AC or DC because anything coming out of the socket is AC.

  4. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    That explains the brown mark on the plug.

  5. lincoln Avatar

    Yup… that's what happens…

    ooi… when our dinner ?

  6. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    Soon as we're sure we're not sick.

  7. lincoln Avatar

    You got check fung shi of this house or not ??

  8. Artificial Christmas Trees Avatar

    Terrific post – thanks for sharing. I remember getting my grandma a lamp just like that for Christmas.

  9. Artificial Christmas Trees Avatar

    Terrific post – thanks for sharing. I remember getting my grandma a lamp just like that for Christmas.

  10. Artificial Christmas Trees Avatar

    After reading your post.., I remember a song entitled “The way we were” Great post..

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