All stops pulled out in search for fugitive

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Don’t speculate how he escaped, the authorities say ‘all stops are being pulled’ to rein in accused terror mastermind Mas Selamat Kastari. Says Channelnewsasia: “With the tight security presence, Singaporeans are generally confident this crisis will soon be resolved.” Add to that, “and the jams at the causeway will soon clear up”.

At least now we know there’s an ISD detention centre in the vicinity of Whitley Road where they’re busy patching up the escape hatch in the toilet. Meanwhile, ‘all stops being pulled’ should be taken to mean that all agencies that are capable of helping are on the job: SCDF, SPF, SAF, SMRT, MHA, MOM and MCYS.

Security guards at condominiums, I hope, will also be doing more than waving you past the guardhouse as long as you mutter your “friend’s apartment number” as your entry password.

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