Year: 2008

  • Underworld childbirth

    Yesterday we congratulated our friends Mika and Gary because they’re brand new parents to a brand new baby boy, and we went and visited them at KKH just a couple of hours after she’d returned to the ward and enjoyed her first couple of hours of motherhood. It was a happy afternoon all round, and…

  • As we’ve suspected all along

    We did something really stupid on the last Saturday before Christmas – we drove to Parkway Parade and tried to shop. Well actually, we were in the area for reasons beyond our control, but having said that, we could’ve avoided Parkway Parade, but didn’t. We could also have avoided dining at Olio Dome, but didn’t,…

  • A hearty Christmas

    Don’t care recession or not. It’s Christmas and we’re determined to cook up and eat up. And so far, the results have been quite satisfactory – i.e. we’ve only stuffed up one dish out of what, six? And we didn’t realise that raspberries had so many seeds:

  • Understatement

    Loyal Reader Lincoln told us Wednesday that staff at Akashi reckon that their Chicken Karaage is “better than KFC”. That’s no way to describe your own chicken. Like I’ve heard somewhere else, even General Tso’s trumps Colonel Sanders’ just on rank. The Chicken Karaage alone is worth a visit to Akashi, and as their staff…

  • Sign of things to come

    …”but sales are not as brisk as was hoped for because of the credit crunch”.And when I turned the cover of the book at Borders, I found that it was first published and printed next year: