Pregnancy tickers

I’m test-driving pregnancy tickers for your benefit. Here’s my favourite from

Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker
You make your own ticker/countdown graphic by entering due dates and/or LMP, choose the background and the colour (yes) of your baby. I’ve approximated the colour of ours as close as possible, but he’s not Ang Moh ok?

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  1. Medela Avatar

    These are some good widgets you would love..


    Baby Countdown Timer WIdget
    Keep track of your pregnancy and allow family to keep track with this pregnancy countdown timer. It will count down the days to your due date and show a progress graph as well as details on your babyâ??s weight and size. There is also a weekly report that updates you on the status of your baby! You simply input your due date (one time) and follow the simple directions to place the widget on your blog or website. The widget does the rest! We designed this widget to fit nicely in the sidebar of most blog designs.

    Baby & Pregnancy Countdown Ticker

    Allow friends and family to keep track of your pregnancy by putting this cool pregnancy countdown ticker on your site! It will count down the days to your due date and show a new image of your baby's development every week. Our amazing 3D images illustrate your baby's development from every perspective. Click the ticker to open the weekly story from our pregnant calendar. It contains information on your baby, mom, dad and even the baby's siblings! Just follow the simple steps below to customize your widget and include it on your site.

    Sell got baby! Baby Gifts

    Cafepress Affiliates – sell got baby! Baby items on your Web site and blog and earn commission! Just enter your PID and get the widget. If you aren't an affiliate, go to and sign-up to become one. Earn up to 20% commission! Sell funny and unique baby onesies, bibs and tees and earn money!

    Free Pregnancy Widget

  2. Pregnancy week by week Avatar

    These pregnancy tickers trend is looking so cute. Definitely everyone must love this pregnancy tickers.

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