Year: 2007

  • Completely useless Christmas gifts: ERP IU cashcard cover

    I have never understood the purpose of this car accessory. This site says it “hides cashcard to prevent theft”, and is available for $6.95 There’s no lock on this device, so if anyone wants to take a cashcard out of your IU, they simply lift the cover. This is how it works: you keep your…

  • Completely useless Christmas gifts: the self-portrait arm

    For pictures (like above) worth a gazillion words. US$30. Buy now while the exchange rate is still favourable. Available at Urban Outfitters. Via Radar Online Technorati Tags: christmas, useless gifts

  • Tandoori

    Our oven had been out of order for almost a year, owing initially to a lack of use (so said the oven dealer), and then to my can’t be bothered because there’s lots you can cook in a pan instead-ness, and then to the fact that the oven is very old, and replacement parts weren’t…

  • Thirsty work

    A hard earned thirst needs some cold tap water. And it’s not just Jake that’s finding living with Mac a little bit of work. Just as we were saying that we thought we had him house-trained, he went and went on one of our carpets. But dogs do what dogs do, and it’ll take some…

  • Completely useless Christmas gifts: the camouflage-patterned wallet

    Buy this for a friend doing his national service stint / reservist in-camp. Worried that he might lose it while on field training because his wallet looks just like foliage? Buy another one for him. Technorati Tags: christmas, useless gifts