Thirsty work

A hard earned thirst needs some cold tap water. And it’s not just Jake that’s finding living with Mac a little bit of work. Just as we were saying that we thought we had him house-trained, he went and went on one of our carpets.

But dogs do what dogs do, and it’ll take some more training before we get him to get it right. And that may be more than we can say for some dog owners/handlers from the vicinity. It’s only when I’ve become a dog owner that I’ve realised how some people won’t pick up after their dog after the mutt has pooped on the grass in a public place. Not good, people.

Of course, there are many more moments where we’re not mopping up dog pee at home, and where our pets are simply photogenic. Or at least, photogenic when Naomi takes pictures of them:

Cat Dog

Dog & Bone

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2 thoughts on “Thirsty work”

  1. I love the composition in the first photo. It will look good on the front of your Christmas cards to friends and family this holiday season.

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