Tandoori House

Our oven had been out of order for almost a year, owing initially to a lack of use (so said the oven dealer), and then to my can’t be bothered because there’s lots you can cook in a pan instead-ness, and then to the fact that the oven is very old, and replacement parts weren’t available in the last two months.

So it was with great joy that I greeted the oven repair guy, who fixed it up in a jiffy. I then decided to make a tandoori chicken lunch to re-christen the oven. Lunch was yummy, but every single nook and cranny of the apartment, as well as every inhabitant and object, now smell like tandoori.

The cat and dog don’t seem to mind their new scent, and it is a good thing they spend most of the time indoors, because they must smell tasty to other animals.

Speaking of other animals (it’s a slow news day at home), here’s what’s been happening with mice, cats and dogs around the world:

Flourescent cats cloned
Dogs save toddler from drowning
Fearless mouse created

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    That sounds yummy.

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