Collective sigh

This evening when we went out to get a bite, we saw a notice posted at the basement car park lift lobby. I absent mindedly thought it was the old en-bloc attempt notice, but eagle-eyed Naomi saw that it was freshly photocopied A4, and took a further interest in reading it.

We didn’t have to read much other than this:


It seems enough of the hitherto dissenting owners finally caved, given the possible cooling off of the property market.

It’s a real pity because Naomi and I really, really, really like this apartment we’re renting, and we’ll be sad when we move out, because they’re gonna build one of those huge monstrosities with thousands of people living under the same roof (or two, depending on how many huge monstrous blocks they can fit into this lot).

There’s a sliver of hope yet, as the new en-bloc regulations (which came into effect last month) allow for a cooling off period of five days, so that owners can still change their minds about their consent.

Serves me right for making en-bloc jokes. I’m sorry ok? Please change your minds. Don’t sell!

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One response to “Collective sigh”

  1. Dammit…

    alamak.. that sounds like deja vu!! Our place at holland hill kana tipped over at that kind of percentage and we lost our home. suay!…

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