OK, I just woke up because my mother just called me to tell me that there was an earthquake.

Don’t panic. Everything is ok. OK? The picture frame on the floor was caused by our cat, Jake, and not the quake. OK? Yahoo! Singapore News says that some people were running, screaming from office towers because of the quake. I think it’s more due to the stockmarket woes, doncha?

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4 thoughts on “Quake!”

  1. I remember this day very well: I was just waking up when my husband ran in to the bedroom asking whether I felt the building shaking. Of course I did no, replying that if I felt anything, it was grogginess from just waking up.

    Now, hubby has been living in Bali for two years and is familiar with feeling vibrations from quakes. So he was surprised that my mom’s HDB block in Yishun gave him the same sensations that very morning!

    Switching on CNA, his ‘instincts’ were confirmed. We then spent the rest of the afternoon commenting how boring life in Singapore really is if the news channel can make such a huge deal out of people getting excited and vacating high-rise buildings over some after-shocks.

    (We were back in Spore from Bali for CNY visiting and our wedding solemnisation, and I happen to be reading your blog – and mrbrown’s blog – again after a break of almost a year! Loads of catching up!)

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