Moving house is never fun

Moving home
‘Won’t drop one. Don’t worry!’ said the truck driver…

Almost done.

Many cartons and many pieces of 2nd hand furniture have endured the 1km trek from my (parents’) old house to my new (old) apartment, and I am happy to report that the move is almost complete.

All I need is a 42″ Plasma tv, a Power Macintosh and a Bose sound system. Please pledge donations via email.

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13 thoughts on “Moving house is never fun”

  1. Aye, were you buying things @ the cold storage @ katong mall around 10pm today? Cos i thought i saw you! heh

  2. I so agree with you that moving is a huge PAIN!!! At least you don’t have a sucky landlord who thinks that letting you have his damn old (read breaking down, full of dust and god know what bugs)furniture makes the very epitome of a generous gesture…

  3. Thanks E@L, it’s the Count that thought. And PMG too, for that matter. 10 cents goes a long way – and can open many of those old candy cans. And yes, Sunshine, I was at Katong Mall Cold Storage last night buying a cheap frying pan and some sausages for breakfast. Kierra, mattress buy already, but from the Robinsons’ sale. Kevin, MacBook package? What MacBook package. Is it something you know that no one’s telling me about?

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