An intelligent and articulate gentleman

I don’t usually gush about other people’s blogs, but this one can’t be ignored any more.

I’ve been following the lunatic bengisms of Rockson Tan for a while now, mostly because I want to read what other nasty things he’ll say about me.

But this guy has gone from relative obscurity to the dizzy heights of mainstream media fame in less than two months. Blardy amazing, and I’m still not sure why, though despite the vulgarity and unavoidable use of the Hokkien vernacular, he is actually compellingly funny.

Rockson’s NKF post is in my books the best roundup of this our local scandal, and I am proud to say that I may be the only blogger among the ones I know to have met the man.

A sample of Rockson’s praise for Mr Miyagi:

Then I see the chao shortfuck playboy Miyagi at the party! He no need to work is it? Every day party here party there. Can see from his blog, he like to bluff young girl heart and steal their sex.

Rockson Takumi Tan, you rock!

Rockson like, Mr Miyagi also like! Blinkymummy sibei yummy, hahahahahahaha!

Surf stop: Talk Rock

One Angry Dwarf And 200 Solemn Faces from the album “Whatever And Ever Amen” by Ben Folds Five

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3 responses to “An intelligent and articulate gentleman”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Rockson Takumi Tan = Miyagi = Dolly the Sheep.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Rockson Takumi Tan = Miyagi = Dolly the Sheep.

  3. […] was so good that he had then-very-famous-bloggers Mr Brown and Miyagi gush and wax lyrical about him too! Even Mothership did a piece on him back in 2013, speculating […]

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