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Wanna be a successful business person? Have a funky name. Works as well in Singapore as it does in Hong Kong. There were several contributions to Funky Hongky names which you can see in the comments to that post, but lately there’ve been several Singaporean names which I’ve seen and which are a little on the unusual side.

1. Nanz Chong (of 1.99 Shop infamy – so, success is relative).
2. Ponz Goo (of Haach group of beauty thingamajigs).
3. Adnic Lee (I received an email from him announcing some seminar training thing for success).

There was a post somewhere on about names, which I can’t find on the site itself, but which can be found on this blog. Read the bits on names based on popular businesses.

It also seems the letter ‘Z’ is popular in names. Nanz, Ponz… I’ve been introduced to “Cindy spelled with a ‘Z’.” Don’t ask me, I don’t know where the ‘Z’ fits in either. Then there’s the shampoo boy at my hairstylist’s, who when he introduced himself, I thought I had shampoo in my ears:

SB: ‘Izorg’
Miyagi: ‘What?’
SB: ‘Izorg’.
Miyagi: ‘So how?’
SB: ‘What?’
Miyagi: ‘You said something. Is there something wrong?’
SB: ‘My name is Izorg. How’s the water? Warm enough?’
Miyagi: ‘Good, thanks’.

Grocery section, Mustafa’s Department Store -OPEN 24 HOURS

It’s easy to forget how lush the city is when you live here. Look at them magnificent trees everywhere. Hard not to walk into them.

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7 responses to “More funky names”

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  2. Anonymous Avatar

    alt: ahz wat other name can i call myself? Emo Ang.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    alt: ahz wat other name can i call myself? Emo Ang.

  4. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    Ang Mo Tin Tao Mo. Howzat?

  5. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    Ang Mo Tin Tao Mo. Howzat?

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