Unthinkable Singapore


So we might not get to watch the World Cup.

They say you can feel the pulse of the nation on, and yesterday, a heartfelt plea from “Rogue Trader” summed up the disbelief and desperation among soccer fans around the island.

Dear singtel and starhub,

i writes to you as a football fans. Please show us all world cup matches this year.

Please note that I write only “matches”. We don’t needs any other channels like:
1) “bench area” view for the both sides’ substitute bench and managers,
2) the “tactical” top-down view where we can only see which player is balding.
3) “Beckham” view to show him for full 90 minutes (or “Christiano Ronaldo” view etc).

I know singaporean telco/ISP very high tech can show all this. probably last time you can charge us more for these channels we didnt choose to subscribe.

Just show us the Live game from the match camera view. This way your bid can become cheaper. And then we can all watch the world cup this year.

Thank you!

The other unthinkable thing I read about was how Sassyjan and her family were harassed by loansharks who struck – the usual paintjob, phonecalls and ripping her front gate out – with apparent impunity, because her calls to the police resulted in merely ineffectual advice (install a CCTV) while she and her family cowered in fear, half-hoping that our Home Team would be on the job, and that the Investigating Officer had a very, very good reason not to return her call for an entire week.

Maybe they should change the name of the “The Home Team” to “The Go Out and Protect Our Citizens Team”. That might do the trick.


Oh please I hope we don’t have to call Cassino Koh

Oh please don't let me call Cassino Koh

So, Loyal Reader Lincoln tells me about this “mobile porn shop” going around Singapore, and I have to ask, “is it legal?

He tells me he’s not sure, and says, “I’ll show you a picture”, and shows me a photo on his SE P1i, which clearly shows a car that has nothing to do with the porn business.

Mobile Pawn Shop!

“Is it legal?”, I ask again. And again, he’s not sure, but we both agree that the name “Cassino Koh” should be illegal.

Dr Evil to go to NTUMr Koh might not have that much business if some areas of the economy were as well-paying as academia.

Stuff entrepreneurerealrealsheep! The money’s in books!

Last we heard, Dr. Evil was giving up his nefarious schemes to embark on research at NTU for one meeellion dollarrssss, bwahahahahaha.

A gift from who?

Tooth Fairy
Come on, if you don’t give me your tooth, I can’t give you your GST rebate

The Tooth Fairy is someone who takes the tooth that has fallen out (or has been extracted then given back to you by the dentist) and replaces it with cash money, right?

The Straits Times seems to think they give out toothbrushes:

KIDS in Singapore could soon be using what seems like a gift from the Tooth Fairy: a toothbrush that helps them swab the nooks and crannies of their mouths without much effort.

So it should be a gift to the Tooth Fairy, because she wouldn’t be giving out so much money if your teeth are so healthily kept they don’t fall out, right?

Wait, then again, it could be a gift from the Tooth Fairy, cos she doesn’t want to give out so much cash money, and so would want your teeth to be healthy, right?

So confusing. My teeth hurt.