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  • Little Slope, Big Slope and Boogie Street

    Back alley, Bugis Junction = by ☆ lcy From Wikipedia: The fame of the original Bugis Street has spawned many namesakes eager to capitalise on the brand, even though many tourists, as well as some young Singaporeans, have no inkling as to the reasons for its erstwhile ‘glamour’. Yes, if not for the page on…

  • Seat gurus

    I discovered, via SMH, this useful guide to airline cabin seating for many airlines. Tells you which seats to avoid on which aircraft types on which airlines. Useful only if you travel a lot lah. Which I don’t. But nice to know these things anyway, y’know? (Another guide: seatexpert.com) Technorati Tags: travel, airlines

  • When two queens met in the harbour

    Compulsory Sydney harbourbridgeoperahouse photograph If you thought that Singaporeans were compulsive queuers, lining up for anything, and joining a line even if they didn’t know what they were lining up for, then you ought to take a look at Sydneysiders. We’ve got quite a few things in common with these antipodeans. Two Tuesdays ago (20…

  • Wealth for toil

    It now looks like we left Sydney at the right time, because she’s got flash floods and thunderstorms resembling Singapore and Malaysia in December. But really, though, there isn’t ever a good time to leave Sydney. I spent nine good years from 1992 – 2000, and ten days there last month. One difference between the…

  • Fled, but coming home soon

    Patchy internet over here. Where? Some call it the lucky country. It is, generic quite. Blessed with amazing flora and fauna, and though girt by sea, it is a very, very big place.