Spelling ability not a requirementI’m really not one to speak about all this hypnotherapy hocus pocus and mind control stuff, but I can say that one’s mind can play tricks on one. Especially when one is, for various reasons, like lack of sleep, susceptible to being tricked by oneself.

See, I’ve spent a good minute wondering why, on my script notes for Hossan’s show, I had reminded myself to write Polish Dialogue for Cher and Michael Jackson. Why Polish? Why not German? Where’s the funny? Hossan can speak Polish meh? – Note: Write notes in complete sentences for the avoidance of ambiguity.

OK, I will now go and polish up the script for the Cher and Michael Jackson characters.

Tickets still available from Sistic! Get yours today!

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Patience, young Jedi

New Year'sI’m not blogging as often as I’d like to be, mostly because days have turned into nights and vice-versa because of work, which is quite fun in spite of the frequent brain-jams I’ve been getting for various reasons.

One of the said brain-jamming moments is when I’m sitting here on my computer, trying to type out another three pages of Hossan’s Barry Manilow spoof when I’m suddenly aware of the upstairs neighbour’s kid (or actually it could be the parent, or any human occupant of the upstairs flat, or a very intelligent pet, or… ok I’m scaring myself) trying his or her darndest to hammer out on their piano, the main Star Wars theme song, very, very diligently, very, very slowly. For an hour.

Now I’ve the Star Wars theme stuck in my head, and worse, it’s in the broken piano format.

I should be glad they’re not singing along to it though:

“I like to play the Star Wars, to play the Star Wars, on this piano!
At night, I play the Star Wars, I play the Star Wars, song for a while!
I may not be the best pianist you’ve heard in your entire life,
But you can be sure, I’ll play for you for free!
You may not be the greatest fan of this stupid movie theme
But sing along, and then you can’t stop too…”

– repeat ad nauseum to the tune of Star Wars

Think I might print this out and slip it under their door.

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Podcast: Trailer – Multiple Personalities Disorder


Yes, this is ‘the other stuff’ I’ve been busy with the past month, helping write a stage show for Hossan Leong, who is Singapore’s funniest man, and I’m not saying that because he’s my best friend, but he’s really really funny, because he can make people laugh by repeating the same jokes I’ve told, and which didn’t make people laugh.

Many of the things he tells that people laugh at come from personal experience, which when I tell them, people just shake their heads and say ‘wah lao, you damn loser, man’.

Like the time when we were sixteen and went to our first club, unfashionably early, so early that only elevator music was playing, which we thought was the ‘actual music’ that we were supposed to dance to, and so, we danced. We stopped momentarily when the ‘actual music’ was put on by the inscrutable DJ, only god knows what he was thinking, complete with strobe lights and all. Then we continued dancing.

Wah lao, damn loser, man.

They say it’s all in the delivery, and I suppose Hossan has that in abundance, while for me, even the mee pok hawker reminds me, “自己拿, hor?” (please deliver it yourself to your numbered table kind sir because I can’t be arsed with you) when I order lunch.

I’ve watched Hossan perform for decades (ok lah, not so old – a decade), and he never fails to crack me up, even if I’ve heard the jokes a hundred times before, at rehearsals, and when we’re just, well, kidding around.

Attached to this post is the 40 second radio ad which we recorded at Power 98. Yes, it is very short. So if you want to hear (and see) more, please go get your tickets now! The show, Hossan – Multiple Personalities Disorder‘, runs from Jan 31 – Feb 4.

There are early bird specials if you buy before the year ends! Faster quick hurry go buy tickets now! Thank you!

Podcast: Multiple Personalities Disorder Trailer (.mp3, 00:40, right-click to ‘save as’)

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