Irene Ang in the V-Conference

Free panties for everyone!

Not every press conference gives out a swag that contains panties, and I’m happy to be associated with one that is. Thank you Triumph. OK, now that you’ve closed the bra company’s window, read on…

That’s a picture of Mr Y K Foo, freelance photographer snapping for Women’s Weekly, holding up one such panty with glee. OK, it was posed, obviously. But gleefully posed, can?

Rehearsals have started in earnest for Irene Ang’s one woman (and one man) show called “Irene Ang in the V-Conference“, and everyone’s going a bit mad, which is a good thing. Mad is good. You should see Irene Ang mad. She’s damn funny when she’s mad. Mad as in crazy.

Beatrice is going a bit mad too, but then she’s already mad to want to direct this show after coming off things like “Cabaret“.

Script reads and rehearsals so far have been really fun because Irene’s a bit scared of what we’re wanting to make her do. “What are you all trying to make me do?” is a common refrain in the rehearsal room.
Co-star Chua Enlai, on the other hand, is never reticent about being totally outlandish, so he’s already a hoot.

On behalf of Fly Entertainment (Irene’s company), thank you all youse journos who turned up for the press conference at Bellini Room, St James Power Station last week. For those who didn’t, you missed out on a bit of fun that Fly decided to put up, transferring a bit of the energy that rehearsals have been packed with. We made Irene wear a ridiculous frilly skirt and answer really awkward questions from the ‘press’ – comprising myself, Beatrice and Enlai. Questions such as “Irene, will we be seeing your “V” during the show?” were thrown at an unprepared Irene, who managed to ad lib admirably without revealing too much.

If only all press conferences were this fun.

Irene Ang in the V-Conference runs 25th – 27th and 30th September at Movida St James Power Station. Tickets available from and from all outlets.

Please, come and watch! Bring your friends!

V-Conference Press Conference
Enlai (not paying attention), Beatrice, Irene and me (don’t like flash)

V-Conference Press Conference
No, Beatrice didn’t have to squat to get to my height

V-Conference Press Conference
In Malaysia, this is known as a “Wee”

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A good run

Yay, flowers!Update: Engie Ho, otherwise known as the multi-tasking production administrator for the show, has diligently informed me that I shouldn’t have left out the following names from my Thank You list: Shao Ann (lightning lighting designer), Mo (the theatre costume industry), Denise Low (The Producer). And the Ang Mo volunteer’s name is Lansell. Good on youse all! So here they are.

Thank you everyone who watched Hossan: Multiple Personalities Disorder. And thank you everyone in the production for making it such an enjoyable experience. Yes, I am understating it, because I really don’t know how to describe how great the whole experience has been.

Thank you to the company: Dream Academy Playhouse, and the MPD production people: Toh Lin, Stanley, Xin’en, Kala, Sofian, Engie, Shah, Bobbie, Ashley, Joo Huey, Fifi, Li Ting, Vivian and dunno who else… oh yah, the siao on Ang Moh who volunteered at Front of House. Champions all!

Hossan and Selena. Thank you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Love youse all!

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Thick skinned

 Albums V88 Shaoann Mpd4When Naomi asked me last night, ‘how was the show?’, I said, ‘good, Hossan was so funny I kept laughing even though I knew what was coming’.

‘Not shy, some people! Laugh at own joke!’, she said.

What I can say is, the jokes are no longer mine once they’ve been given a life of their own by Hossan. He owns the space. I mean, really! Me and the costume designer Mothar were in stitches, barely keeping our butts on our seats even though we had seen every single skit several hundred times.

And I’m not saying this just because I’m hoping more tickets will be sold. Although that would be nice. So here’s the link. Thank you very much!

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Opening night

The programThe show opens tonight! Yay!

Actually, I’m not sure what I’m feeling at the moment. A bit of nerves, a bit of relief, a bit of pride, a bit of nerves.

But yay, nonetheless. And yes, tickets are still available for the rest of the run (till Sat 10th Feb), though I think this week’s shows are gonna be quite crowded.

Thank you also to the test-audience at this afternoon’s final run, for laughing your asses off even before Hossan uttered a word. This is probably the first time that manic laughter’s actually had a calming effect. More please!

Thank you!

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Newater RawIt can be quite thirsty work, rehearsing for a show, even if you’re not the performer. Everything is coming together nicely. Actually, with five days to opening night, they’d better be. Thank goodness for these fizzy vitamin tablets that you put in water that make you look like you’re peeing highlighter ink an hour later.

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