Google Music Search

Google Music Search: “A few of us decided to try to make the information you get for these searches even better, try so we created a music search feature. Now you can search for a popular artist name, like the Beatles or the Pixies, and often Google will show some information about that artist, like cover art, reviews, and links to stores where you can download the track or buy a CD via a link at the top of your web search results page.”

Curse the cursive

Cursive writing

You shouldn’t use stylo-mylo cursive writing on a lunch menu chalkboard. You know why? Because cannot read! Especially while you’re waiting in line! I nearly ordered a Jack Russell salad.

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Sidney Bechet – Summertime from the podcast “aurgasm :: your favorite music you’ve never heard (#2)” by Sidney Bechet.

Surf stop: your favorite music you’ve never heard

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