Curse the cursive

Cursive writing

You shouldn’t use stylo-mylo cursive writing on a lunch menu chalkboard. You know why? Because cannot read! Especially while you’re waiting in line! I nearly ordered a Jack Russell salad.

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Sidney Bechet – Summertime from the podcast “aurgasm :: your favorite music you’ve never heard (#2)” by Sidney Bechet.

Surf stop: your favorite music you’ve never heard

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7 thoughts on “Curse the cursive”

  1. wad’s a jack russell salad. 1st time i heard of it.

    or maybe their handwriting too atrocious, i cant read.

    oei, cowboy caleb. dog meat is not fantastic.

    poor doggies.

  2. Thanks for the link to, the New Orleans music feature was very sedap. And I didn’t know Ibrahim Ferrer used to shine shoes! Lucky it didn’t become a waste of talent.

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