Weekend gone to the dogs

Doggy weekend
Doggy takes a cat nap

Battling to stay awake and alert because of a flu is not a good way to spend a weekend.

So it was good that there was something to do to ameliorate the mugginess. There’s this society called ‘Action for Singapore Dogs‘ that takes in stray and abandoned dogs and fosters them until a loving family can adopt them. And they had a sorta open house thing at a pet shop on East Coast Road over the weekend.

Naomi and I went and said hello to the dozen or so lovable dogs at the shop, and would’ve gone home with one sweetie of a puppy if not for the fact that there’s quite a stringent vetting process for new owners, and of course, a little bit of common sense, as we’ve not thought of preparing our home for one extra occupant, seeing as Jake the Cat is still the landlord, and wouldn’t have been happy with the lack of consultation.

Still, it was a good afternoon spent. As good as getting to walk the dogs.

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Moving house is never fun

Moving home
‘Won’t drop one. Don’t worry!’ said the truck driver…

Almost done.

Many cartons and many pieces of 2nd hand furniture have endured the 1km trek from my (parents’) old house to my new (old) apartment, and I am happy to report that the move is almost complete.

All I need is a 42″ Plasma tv, a Power Macintosh and a Bose sound system. Please pledge donations via email.

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Blog by Jake: Pet Valley

Sian 1/2
Sian 1/2

My stupid owner wants me to tell you that PetValley.Sg is offering all of youse pet owners free membership to their one-stop pet portal. As if pets know how to go online like that. In return I’ve been given a bag of cat food, a couple of candles, some scents, and two t-shirts which I think I’ll return to them because what the hell were they thinking? The shirts are big enough to wrap me up two times over!

The owner also wants me to tell you that if you sign up for free, you’ll get discounts at a lot of pet shops and you can make friends with other pet owners as dumb as mine, and exchange stories with other people who’ve been bitten by attack cats like me.

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